Speeches by Reverend Andy Lanning

We’ve added an extra speech on 10 December. The speech details are as follows:

Speech 1: Doctrinal Developments in CERC

Saturday, 10 December, 10 am (Friday, 9 pm EST)

Speech 2: A Response to CERC’s Charge of Schism and Deposition

Saturday, 10 December, 1 pm (Saturday, 12 am EST)

Speech 3: The Christian School in Singapore

Saturday, 17 December, 10 am (Friday, 9 pm EST)

All 3 speeches will be held at Seletar Park Residence if you are attending in person. Please inform us if you are attending as lunch is catered.

The speeches will be live-streamed on our YouTube link here.

(The link has been updated)

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